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Get food information by nf_serving_size_qty


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May 06, 2014 05:01


Hello Sir,

Your seach api get data by basic nf_serving_size_qty ex. if i search the coffe then it get

{"_index":“9fa412b9-1dbc-4e35-be7a-0c0c9c8c8e16”,“_type”:“item”,“_id”:“52cdcdac051cb9eb32007f48”,_score,“fields”:{"item_id":“52cdcdac051cb9eb32007f48”,“item_name”:“Coffe Caramel Buzz”,“brand_name”:“Ben & Jerry’s”,nf_calories,nf_calories_from_fat,nf_cholesterol,nf_serving_size_qty,“nf_serving_size_unit”:“Cup”,nf_serving_weight_grams

where its give information by product by nf_serving_size_qty for 0.5,

if i want information about nf_serving_size_qty = 1 then how can i get.



May 07, 2014 18:33

Matt Silverman

You can apply a client-side calculation. If serving size qty is .5, you can multiply all of the nutrient values by 2 in order to find the nutrients in 1 serving.

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