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Get simple nutrition information for common food


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June 07, 2014 12:00


Hello community,

I am starting right now with the api and I am able to query nutrition data for several products. It works well when I use examples from the demo.

But what I want is to query very simple data.

I have some common pure foods: banana, apple, oats, hazelnuts, walnuts
The nutrition of these products should be very independant from every brand.

I want to gather base data for every single food:
total calories, cobohydrate, protein, fat. Per 100g (not cup)

At the first step I will do one request for every food.

It seems very simple, but I cant get it work, it seems to me i can just find special products with the API.

Maybe I do something basically wrong, so I would be appriciated for any help.

Thanks, Matthias

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