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Integrate With Nutritionix Track Account


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December 01, 2016 22:18


Hi Nutritionix Team,

I’m working on a side project to track nutritional information while cooking. Your API is perfect, and in fact your Nutritionix Track App + Alexa Skill cover a great deal of what I want.

I’d like to add some specialized functionality, and I want to integrate with the items already tracked by the Alexa Skill / iOS App. I can see you’re using OAuth to grant the Alexa Skill access to that information, but I don’t see any documentation on how a developer might add a custom app to that ecosystem.

Is that something you are open to supporting?

I was planning out how I would build this just on your API, but it seems overly wasteful to rebuild all the pieces you’ve already layered on top.

For context, here are a few of the things I want to build for my use-case:
- A customized view of the current meal that is optimized for an iPad (add/remove item, update item that Alexa got slightly wrong, etc) while cooking.
- Split meal across two users (record total ingredient size, then split the result)
- Quick-add common meals or meal-parts


December 02, 2016 15:05


We can support that, can you please email this request and include your APP ID to api at

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