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nf_total_carbohydrate definition


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April 24, 2014 07:10


I’m looking to understand more about the field “nf_total_carbohydrate”.

Looking through the API field values spreadsheet at

…there is no description of what the field represents and I’m struggling to find more online.

“total carbs” is unclear and requires a better definition. Total of what?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance,



April 26, 2014 22:49


Is it “total carbs per serving weight”? Because “nf_serving_weight_grams” is a field.

Can someone from Nutritionix please respond?


April 30, 2014 13:20

Matt Silverman

Hi David,

The nf_total_carbohydrate field represents the total carbohydrate field that is found on most nutrition labels. Here is an example:

Can you let me know if this answers your question?


April 30, 2014 15:06


Hi Matt,

I’m so glad someone from your team was finally able to come back to me.

To be clear this field represents the “total carbohydrate found in a single serving of the food”?

Can I assume that the field “nf_serving_weight_grams” is the weight of the Serving?

Basically I want my users to be able to enter the weight of their Portion and have my app return the total carbs in that portion. My current calculation is

(nf_total_carbohydrate/nf_serving_weight_grams) * user_portion_weight = Carbohydrate in Portion

Can you confirm this is correct?


May 01, 2014 14:47

Matt Silverman

Hi Dave,

Yes, you are correct about total carbohydrate and serving grams.

From a simple review, your calculation seems correct, though we cannot officially give support on custom formulas like this.

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