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Nutrition Facts label


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December 17, 2014 04:19


On the website, when you search for and pick a food, you are shown the Nutrition Facts label for that food. How do I get that from the API if I want to show such a label in an app or something? I understand how to get the JSON data but it would be great to be able to directly embed the Nutrition Facts label. Is that possible?


December 17, 2014 15:26

Matt Silverman

Hi Jonah,

That label is powered by our open source jquery plugin:

Feel free to use that. Thanks!


December 18, 2014 05:47


Thank you!


January 27, 2015 06:37


The Nutrition Facts Label is an easy tool for making quick, informed food choices that contribute to a healthy diet. FDA offers a variety of resources for understanding and using the Nutrition Facts Label.


February 26, 2016 20:18


If I have a recipe that serves four, I get the values back from the natural language V2 parser that returns the total nutrient breakdown (for example cholesterol “821mg” for 4 chicken breasts). A serving size is one chicken breast. How do I set the valueServingUnitQuantity/valueServingSize jquery params so that the Nutrition Facts show 1 serving (the 821mg of cholesterol is rendered as 206mg per serving) I’ve tried: valueServingSize as 0.25, but that doesn’t seem to do it.

If I set valueServingUnitQuantity to 4, it shows the 821mg and I can dial down the servings to 1 and see the proper 1/4 division, but is there a way to show the graphic by default as 1 serving with the proper 1/4 division going on?


February 26, 2016 21:31

Matt Silverman

Hi, you would need to calculate the values for one serving on the client-side. Our API does not currently process the serving division for you.


June 29, 2018 04:19


how do i use that nutritiona label with the python api


August 07, 2018 00:49


How can I use the plugin for Nutritional API in Javascript?
I have cloned from git Hub and included all the script tags in my HTML. But not knowing how to use this and display on my web page.

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