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Nutritionix Beta Api


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April 12, 2013 05:48



I just developed an android app with this api two weeks ago. it worked fine. i followed this documentation

But looks like this documentation is not accurate anymore. Have you deprecated the old beta api?

Also with the new documentation, i can’t see calories when i search for a specific item, instead it is taking brand_id as input. We can not expect everyone to know brand_id if they want to see nutrition information for a specific item.

Please let me know, if your beta api is not going to work anymore or any bug in that? as i need to develop this app for IOS now!(for my school project)

Thanks a lot for this api :) it is wonderful to have nutrition information on finger tips.



April 12, 2013 16:43


Hi Jay,

The old beta API should still function correctly, though the documentation for that API will be limited to the functionality you see in the Google doc you mentioned.

We will check into the calorie issue on the beta API now. If it is at all in the realm of possibility for you to use the new V1.0 API, we would highly recommend that you use that.

Please let us know either way.


April 12, 2013 19:37


Hi Jay — Can you paste us the exact query your app is sending to the beta dev API?


April 12, 2013 20:21



The old beta api is working now, in my app and as well as in the URL. it threw me a 404 not found error until last night and even when my professor checked few days ago. I wonder why did this happen.

I use the below URL for my apps

Hope it would work fine until my semester ends ;)

I appreciate your immediate reply. Thanks a lot!



April 16, 2013 16:04

Matt Silverman

I edited your post to remove the APP ID and KEY, make sure to not post those in public!

We are not making any more changes to DEVAPI, but if you do see any issues with it please e-mail us at api at nutritionix com. We do strongly suggest you try the new API as it has a lot of improved functionality over the devapi.

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