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Possible to query only foods and not condiments/sauces?


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August 29, 2015 02:36


I’m using v1.1 and pulling query based on the restaurant name & filtering by its carbs/fats/protein. Is it possible to filter the results from those to only food and not condiments/sauces? For example, if I send it Domino’s pizza, then filter the results based on 10g protein, carbs and fats, since there is no edible food that falls within here, I would rather it return null, but instead it gives me a list like: pepperoni, red peppers, etc. just condiments, but all my concern is for food. Please let me know, thanks.


August 31, 2015 13:16

Matt Silverman

We do not have any categorization currently, but we agree that this would be a very useful feature in the future. We have been working on a categorization system, but we do not have a timeline on when it will be available in the API.

Some developers have suggested using a filter to filter out items below a certain caloric value in an attempt to hide these smaller condiment type items.

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