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Retrieve full nutrition values


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December 31, 2017 02:19


Hello, I just started using the API and I see that the only nutrient value I can access using the simple search is total fat? Is there a way to access carbohydrate and protein aswell?


February 05, 2018 19:48


From what I’ve seen, you need to specify each field you want in the url. for example:,brand_name,item_id,nf_calories,nf_protein,nf_sugars,nf_saturated_fat&appId=MYAPPID&appKey=MYAPPKEY

Calling this url will return a search for cookies with the specified fields. So, it will show, for example, protein and sugars because of the nf_protein,nf_sugars parameters added, but not calcium because it isn’t specified. Here is a list of all the available fields

As far as I know, you need to specify each one in the url. Hope this helps.

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